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Don't spend your weekends a slave to your lawn. Let us help you achieve a beautiful green lawn your neighbors will be envious of.

Thank you for allowing us to be your choice for lawn care for over 40 years!

How short should I cut my grass? You should cut your lawn between 3"-3.5". This height will: - Encourage a healthier root system. - Help crowd out weeds and crabgrass - Reduce the likelihood of disease damage - Minimize stress during drought periods. Proper grass height is JUST as important as water and fertilizer. Remember to also keep your blades sharp!

Lost when it comes to what fertilizer to use on your lawn? Let us ease that burden, we truly love what we do.

How much water does my lawn need? Depending on your soil you should water as follows: Sandy Soil- Water 5x per week. Misty heads 5-8 min. per zone Rotary heads 20-30 min per zone Clay Soil- Water every other day. Misty heads 5-8 min per zone Rotary heads 20-30 min per zone. Remember: During drought or when the temps are 90 degrees or above add an extra day. We recommend watering between 5am- 10am. (avoid evening and night time)

Love your weekends again. Let us treat your lawn to get that bare feet in the grass grass you've always wanted

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